Well done to all student passing their Dan grading at Abingdon

Thomas Cadeddu 2dan ¦ Bethany Chapman 2dan

Ludovic Surina 1dan ¦ Alex Hayward 1dan

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Belt Presentation

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Sudbury Shotokan Karate Club are celebrating their latest Black belts , Bethany Chapman 2dan, Thomas Cadeddu 2dan. Alex Hayward 1dan, Ludovic Surina 1dan After many hours of training and assessments at Abingdon, they were awarded their 2st Dan Black belts under the watchful eyes of Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan) and Bob Rhode (8th Dan). SKC Instructor Tony Cadeddu (4th Dan), who attended the day to support and train, was pleased with the outcome. “The KUGB set very high standards and have high expectations, so to pass their grading they should be very proud of their achievement as am I.”Sudbury Karate Club train at the Stevenson Centre and Great Cornard sports centre. For more information phone Tony on 07810024704 or visit the website Sudbury Shotokan Karate Club.


Thomas Cadeddu Black Belt 2dan

Bethany Chapman Black Belt 2dan
Alex Hayward Black Belt 1dan
Ludovic Surina Black Belt 1dan
Alex Luca Cadeddu the youngest one in Suffolk to old the 1 dan black belt at 9 years old


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