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The kata is a collection of fighting techniques against common habitual acts of violence.
Therefore, Karate kata teach us Karate bunkai (application of techniques) to defend ourselves from common attacks. regular practice of Karate kata will help us remember these collection of deadly fighting techniques, provided we know correctly what each movement means. A powerful Karateka would have master most of the deadly Karate bunkai in certain Karate kata.
The word kata comes from the Japanese meaning formal exercise. In Japan kata is not just something that is done in the martial arts. Kata has a deeper and spiritual meaning that is done in almost every aspect of life. A martial art is a discipline of the mind and body as much as it is a war art.Each generation transmitted their knowledge and secrets to the next generations through kata.Kata is a series of movements and techniques that are practiced in a pattern. Each kata is designed to teach a central principle or a set of common technique. Each kata is done at a certain speed and tempo. Some kata the speed varies from move to move while others are done at one speed and at one tempo. (Through kata we learn proper stance, focus and transition between technique.

Kihon Kata -Heian Shodan- Heian Nidan- Heian Sandan- Heian Yondan -Heian Godan 
Tekki Shodan -
 Bassai dai- Empi- Jion -Kanku Dai- Hangetsu- Tekki Nidan- Jitte 
Niju Shiho- Bassai Sho- Kanku Sho- Goju Shiho Sho- Sochin- Chinte
Gankaku -Jiin -Meiko- Unsu- Tekki -Sandan
Goju Shiho Dai- Wankan
 Meaning of the Shotokan Kata
Heian Peaceful Way
Bassai To Penetrate a Fortress”Dai= Major,Sho= Minor”
Kanku Dai Viewing the Sky
Empi   Flying Swallow
Jion Named after the Temple
Hangetsu Half Moon
Gankaku   Crane on a Rock
Jitte Ten Hands
Chinte Incredible Hands
Nijushiho    24 Steps
Sochin   Preserve Peace
Unsu Hands of a Cloud
Gojushiho dai 54 Steps
Jiin    Named after the Saint
Wankan    Crown of a King
Meikyo      Mirror of the Soul

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